IKEA Furniture Assembly for a Home

  • Client Name: Amanda Hernandez
  • Project Type: Assembly


Our HandyMan Project Process will always focus on planning every step, and implementing only what is related to stages; and at the end we complete everything by paying attention to details.


Before we begin working at a property, we first plan every step required; and we then create efficient stages to complete each project.


As we perform the steps required, we only implement services related to stages; and continue on until each is completed.


Once we have completed every stage, we then inspect each step for details; and begin to make improvements to meet our standard.


This unique black and white ikea furniture sets were actually assembled for my family. Some were for the kids, and others were used in the living room; the office furniture is in fact what I use at this time.

Assembling ikea furniture is a unique yet patient process that requires attention to their intensive steps for assembling the product.

After assembling so many of these ikea products I have come to understand their key features in the parts used so now it has become a bit easier to assembly ikea furniture for my family and also for customers that need my service.

Assembling a bunk bed from ikea has always been a time consuming service for a handyman. This unique product has many parts which makes for its awesome 2 level bed with the option to reverse from top to bottom.

Assembling the kids desk purchased from ikea was not as challenging considering the minimum parts needed to be assemble. This one was a unique design for a child who wanted simplicity yet storate with an open space for a laptop and some items.

Assembling the ikea dresser was a unique experience considering all it’s moving parts. We began by understanding the manuals first to better determine which parts go first during the assembly service process. Now the kids have an area for toys as well as for clothes with a simple yet comfortable design that fit in the room perfectly.

The Center and Side Table really offers a convinient area for yur drink, and also your books if any; while also having a bit of storage too to keep your things in the living room. The vinyl layer really offers a protective shield to these two pieces without needing to damage the surface.

This tv stand for the living room is a unique yet simple design with several cube options to display your images and other cool things in the living room like plants. There is plenty of space to fit up to a 55 inch tv with a nice compacted look to the design. Each cube option is designed for storage too if you choose to purchase the bins they sell.

Choosing to purchase the Cube Storage Organizer from ikea is also another unique piece of furniture for your office or any part of a room too. With so many cube choices you have the option to display books, supplies; electronics and much more. This unique product can be used side way or upwards too in whichever way you like.

ikea sells many desk designs to fit in any room envirement. This unique office desk was a simple design with yet plenty of options to use in your everyday business needs. From a drawer in front, to cube compartments to the side; you have a wide work area to put monitors and other accessories on top too.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; President at MasterMind HandyMan and with over 8 years of hands on home improvement experience.

Having a Professional HandyMan like Alain Hernandez by your side, that can help you implement those Home Improvement Services the right way, the first time, and for the right price; is very important.

I’ve always been committed to help customers, understand the difference between doing it yourself; and having a professional handyman do it for you.

Implementing the latest methods is how I stay efficient, so Projects are completed right the first time; and mostly when creating a personalized approach for your service.

Committed to each project is what makes me reliable, and until is completed to your satisfaction I’m just not happy; so welcome to rely on my expertise when needed the most.

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