Bathroom Remodel with Vanity and Countertop plus Faucet also Mirror

  • Client Name: Moses Milligan
  • Project Type: Remodel


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Before we begin working at a property, we first plan every step required; and we then create efficient stages to complete each project.


As we perform the steps required, we only implement services related to stages; and continue on until each is completed.


Once we have completed every stage, we then inspect each step for details; and begin to make improvements to meet our standard.


This home was for a school teacher who had recently bought a house, needing a professional handyman that not just knew how to install a bathroom vanity but also countertop; later I found out that he also wanted to install mirrors and faucets even cabinets.

The idea of the remodel inside his bathroom was to remove existing vanity, then installing a new wood look; to help give the space a makeover.

This customer was pleased with how the bathroom remodel turned out. Going with a nickel plated design on all faucets and drains plus towel hangers was just a must for the customer.

The project began by removing the existing vanities in 3 bathrooms, two that were similarly the same size and also the master; after the vanities were installed there was some drywall repairs that was needed.

Some the drywall repair was intended to smooth out the wall after removing existing sidesplash.

The master bathrom was the space with the most work, while the smaller bathroom needed only one faucet the master required two; in addition the countertop was cut wrong and so additional repairs were needed to prepare for the new backsplash.

Inside the master bathroom there was an existing orange peel like texture to the walls, similar as those found in the other bathrooms; I took advantage of not having a backsplash to spreay the texture from the countertop upwards; there was also an electrical outlet that I needed to relocate as part of the drywall repairs.

Upon finishing the drywall repairs, and the orange peel texture, there was also the opportunity to install the new backsplash piece; at this time  I proceeded with installing new nickel plated faucets and drains.

Considering I was in the installation stage, I did the same thing inside the other small bathrooms; these were located upstairs by the bedrooms.

Customer wanted to keep the same nickel plated looks inside all bathrooms for the faucet product, the countertop was also a similar design with a different characteristics; as an added bonus we installed a medicine cabinet as well on the left side of the sink wall.

Doing a bathroom remodel a lot of time it does not just mean new vanity and new faucets as those things are good of course, customer also wanted to install a nickel plated round mirror to give the wall in the small bathroom a welcome feel; as an added bonus he thought I like toalso add a shelving cabinet plus light fixture.

Installing the round mirror brought in the nickel plated look inside the bathroom, similar product color matched the door knob and the towel hanger which is hard to see yet slightly visible to the top right; and let’s not forget thecaulking around the side/backsplash.

The most attention to detail was inside the master bathroom as the customer also wanted to incorporate the same light fixtures above the mirrors, one small difference is that the mirrors were wood grain and pretty heavy; on the apposite wall I also installed towel hangers as well.


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