Property Maintenance

Scheduled Home Maintenance Solution from a MasterMind HandyMan


Most Customers Own a Residential Home; and others Manage Commercial Properties; MasterMind HandyMan Service both.

Residential is Approved

Residential Home Owners reach out to us when needed, looking for an affordable handyman; for things like painting walls, repair fences or install a new faucet.

Commercial is Optional

Commercial Property Managers tend to hire us for Maintenance, to help Maintain Operations in Bathrooms, Offices plus Classrooms; for Repairs and Installations.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; President at MasterMind HandyMan and with over 4 years of hands on property maintenance experience.

I offer discounts to our Local Customers which is very competitive compared to other HandyMan Professionals in the area.

Each maintenance package offers you different priority options like who is waiting versus who Comes First.

Choosing standard for example only provides you Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Whereas premium allows you access to me on Monday and Wednesday plus Friday.

Depending on the package you choose you may or not be able to Share Service with a Friend or Relative.

When needing additional Services each package offers you up to 30% discount to help you always save money.

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Our HandyMan Maintenance Service is a Solution that helps you save money and manage your Home or Business property more cost effective. These are package samples for you to compare on average what is offered to a residential home owner versus someone that is a landlord of a rental property to even managers of a commercial location.

Standard Benefits:

  • Waiting (Premium has Priority)
  • Available (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Cannot Share Service (Friend or Relative)
  • 10% Discount (Additional Services)

Premium Benefits:

  • Priority (Ultimate Come First)
  • Available (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays)
  • Share Service (Friend or Relative)
  • 20% Discount (Additional Services)

Premium Benefits:

  • First (Other Plans Wait)
  • Available (Mondays through Fridays)
  • Share Service (Friend-Relative-Partner)
  • 30% Discount (Additional Services)