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Reliable Home Professional from MasterMind HandyMan


I'm always mastering my Efficiency on Services performed, Affordable compared to my competitors; and Reliable on scheduled days.


Mastering the latest methods, so Projects are completed right the first time; mostly when implementing a personalized approach.


Mastering discounts applied, is what helps me be competitive compared to others; there is no need to consider shopping around.


Mastering my committment to each project, and until is completed I'm not satisfied; welcome to rely on me when needed most.


Hi, I'm Alain Hernandez; President at MasterMind HandyMan and with over 8 years of hands on home improvement experience.

Having a Professional HandyMan like Alain Hernandez by your side, that can help you implement those Home Improvement Services the right way, the first time, and for the right price; is very important.

I’ve always been committed to help customers, understand the difference between doing it yourself; and having a professional handyman do it for you.

Implementing the latest methods is how I stay efficient, so Projects are completed right the first time; and mostly when creating a personalized approach for your service.

Committed to each project is what makes me reliable, and until is completed to your satisfaction I’m just not happy; so welcome to rely on my expertise when needed the most.

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The key differences between Alain at MasterMind HandyMan, compared to other competitors in the local area; is that everything that I provide is efficient and also affordable.


Competing with other professionals will require a strategy, the way I perform a service is just different; it simply means that I am not them.


Committing to a service project begins with being passionate about it, and once I get started is on from there; so finishing is just a process.


Located near you helps me be available, from speaking to meeting within a day; to even starting and finishing it’s just a week away.

Speak with a Professional like Alain Hernandez to Claim your Customer Discount.